The Process of Strengthening the Human Rights Treaty Body System
ABSTRACT: The human rights treaty bodies, which now number ten, have developed as a system (TB) and occupy a rightful place in the framework of universal human rights. The activities of TBs and their ...
page 3 - 18
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Legal Instruments of E-democracy for the Development of Civil Society in International Practice
ABSTRACT: The historical development of civil society is accompanied by the ever-increasing need to improve the participation of citizens. The structures of civil society pursue the private interests of ...
page 19 - 38
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The Indispensable Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Creation and Functioning of the International Criminal Court
ABSTRACT: This article discusses the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the creation and functioning of the International Criminal Court (ICC or the Court). The creation of the Court is referred ...
page 39 - 60
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Current Lawmaking of the International Labour Organization with Regard to EU Law
ABSTRACT: In the development of the systems of international labour law and EU labour law the author focuses on the field of employment relationship, working time, antidiscrimination law, atypical employment, ...
page 61 - 86
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Legal Regulation of and Influence of International Institutions on Financial Markets
ABSTRACT: This paper attempts to offer a theoretical view on the regulation of the financial market. It focuses on the influence that international institutions, especially the Basel Committee on Banking ...
page 87 - 98
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Institutionalized Promotion and Protection of Investments in Energy Sector
ABSTRACT: The “energy sector” is generally interpreted as referring to industries focused on the (•) extraction, (•) refining, (•) transport, (•) use of various forms of energy, and (•) related ...
page 99 - 136
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The Non-State Adjudication of Disputes by the Court of Arbitration for Sport as an Inspiring Alternative for Effective Dispute Resolution
ABSTRACT: This article introduces the Court of Arbitration for Sport as performing the role of a private global “sports judiciary”. The International Olympic Committee established the CAS to provide the ...
page 137 - 154
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The Role of Foundations at the Beginning of the 21st Century
ABSTRACT: The authors have prepared their paper to present, to the extent allowed by its scope, a comprehensive view of the legal regulation of foundations. Such branch of law is often referred to as ...
page 155 - 170
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FIDIC: Significance in the Construction Industry
ABSTRACT: From its beginnings, the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (FIDIC) has led the industry by providing commentary, explanations and sample forms to its users. This article pays ...
page 171 - 182
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The Phenomenon of the European Court of Human Rights’ Influence on the Constitutional Systems of the Council of Europe Member States
ABSTRACT: The case law of the European Court of Human Rights, as the judicial authority of the Council of Europe, influences the legal systems in the individual Member States. It is reflected in various ...
page 183 - 208
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European Police Office (Europol): Past, Present & Future
ABSTRACT: The European Police Office (Europol) is the primary European entity that handles police co-operation at the European level. Europol’s official mission is ‘to support and strengthen action by the ...
page 209 - 228
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The European Union and NATO: Cooperation, competition or conjunction?
ABSTRACT: The European Union is almost unanimously regarded as a new – sometimes even a post-modern – type of international organization. The concept of the post-modern state is connected with the idea of ...
page 229 - 246
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International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) as Participants in the International Law-Making Process: Examples in Environmental and Space Law
ABSTRACT: The article deals with the role the international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) play in the international law-making process. Starting from the definition of INGOs, the article analyzes ...
page 247 - 270
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The UN Mechanisms for Human Rights Protection: Strengthening Treaty Bodies in Light of a Proposal to Create a World Court of Human Rights
ABSTRACT: This article discusses the universal level of human rights protection, in particular the work of the treaty bodies in relation to their efficiency and contribution to the improvement of the human ...
page 271 - 288
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Institutional Framework of Combating Money Laundering in the European Union
ABSTRACT: Money laundering is associated with efforts to obtain property from illicit actions. The need to use proceeds of criminal activities generates the need to get rid of this gain of illegal origin – ...
page 289 - 302
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Can the Welfare State Be Lean?
ABSTRACT: There are various basic ideas that justify the necessity for a welfare state, which are joined together by the idea of social consensus and solidarity in the interest of preserving peace in society. ...
page 303 -326
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The Legal Instruments of EU Fiscal and Monetary Stability
ABSTRACT: This article analyses the legal instruments enhancing the coordination of monetary stability in the eurozone. In order to meet the aims set in its main treaties, the European Union has been adopting ...
page 327 - 340
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The Role of the UNIDROIT in the Unification of International Commercial Law with a specific focus on the Principles of International Commercial Contracts
ABSTRACT: The UNIDROIT Institute has played a prominent and indispensable role amongst international inter-governmental organizations in the field of the unification of private law. It has thus been a perfect ...
page 341 - 366
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The Role of Non-governmental Organisations in Individual Communication Procedures before the UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies
ABSTRACT: The aim of this article is to analyse different modes of Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) participation in individual communication procedures before the United Nations (UN) human rights treaty ...
page 367 - 385
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