The Process of Strengthening the Human Rights Treaty Body System
Abashidze, Aslan
Legal Instruments of E-democracy for the Development of Civil Society in International Practice
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Current Lawmaking of the International Labour Organization with Regard to EU Law
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Legal Regulation of and Influence of International Institutions on Financial Markets
Bakeš, Milan
Kohajda, Michael
Institutionalized Promotion and Protection of Investments in Energy Sector
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The Non-State Adjudication of Disputes by the Court of Arbitration for Sport as an Inspiring Alternative for Effective Dispute Resolution
Hamerník, Pavel
FIDIC: Significance in the Construction Industry
Klee, Lukáš
Ručka, Ondřej
The Phenomenon of the European Court of Human Rights’ Influence on the Constitutional Systems of the Council of Europe Member States
Klíma, Karel
European Police Office (Europol): Past, Present & Future
Klimek, Libor
The European Union and NATO: Cooperation, competition or conjunction?
Krejčí, Oskar
International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) as Participants in the International Law-Making Process: Examples in Environmental and Space Law
Lapaš, Davorin
Mrljić, Robert
Institutional Framework of Combating Money Laundering in the European Union
Grmelová, Nicole
Marková, Hana
Can the Welfare State Be Lean?
Mates, Pavel
Šmíd, Jan
The Role of the UNIDROIT in the Unification of International Commercial Law with a specific focus on the Principles of International Commercial Contracts
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The Role of Non-governmental Organisations in Individual Communication Procedures before the UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies
Sękowska-Kozłowska, Katarzyna